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Change the behavior of the top tagging icon


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The tagging icon at the top of the editor shows some weird behavior when I reduce the window width.


Situation 1, wide enough:




Situation 2 Now reduce the window width a little:




Request 1: Show the text as far as possible, just cut if off

Serious request 2: The icon and label no longer listen to a mouse click. Horrible. Fix this.


Situation 3: Reduce window size further. The icon disappears.




Request 3: Keep the icon in view. Since from this moment on decreasing the window width eventually keeps only the note editor in view, you can add 20 pixels to the minimum width and keep the icon (which of course only makes sense if you implement request 2):




With the current behavior I have to keep the window (too) wide open to be able to use tags. Also, the icon 'miraculously' dissappears if you make the window too narrow (which triggered this investigation in the first place).


Am I missing a shortcut to add a tag? It is not in the shortcut tips you distribute (Ctrl-Shift-T is there, but that is for creating a tag, which will happens far less frequent.).



[Edited 28 Aug 2015] I just find out that Situation 2 is worse: Even if you have enough space, the moment you add a tag, the remaining space is no longer enough:



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