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Please fix inconsistent right click popup


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In a new notebook, in fragment view, a right mouse click in the empty area does not bring up the popup menu as it does in a notebook containing notes (also when clicking in the empty area, not on a note). 

This is probably an artifact of the design decision that the right mouse click applies to the selected note.

But it is very confusing (for new users).


Please fix this.


Either do not respond to a right mouse click in an empty area at all, or have the menu *always* pop up and gray out the irrelevant menu items (because some menu options do not apply for an empty notebook).


The first solution is probably the most intuitive and easiest it implement. Such a modification also clearly signals that the right mouse click applies to the clicked-on note, and not to the note "that happens to be the selected one even if I do not click on it".

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