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Why do import folder items get duplicated?

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I have two import folders set up with items set to keep.


When I put a new item into those folders, Evernote imports them correctly to the correct notebook.


However, if I log off my computer, or restart, or start up after a shut down, ALL of the files in the import folders get re-imported.


This happens every time, with each import folder.


What have I done wrong?


How do I stop Evernote from re-importing files it has already imported?

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Hi.  Why duplicate the files?  Once Imported into Evernote,  the 'original' is part of the local database.  You may make changes to the file attached to the note which would not be duplicated in the 'kept' copy - plus it's a waste of disk space.  Backup your local database if you need to ensure the files are not corrupted or lost.


If you really REALLY need to keep a copy,  try a file management app like Belvedere http://lifehacker.com/341950/belvedere-automates-your-self-cleaning-pc


Dump your Evernote files into a separate archive folder and set up rules in Belvedere to copy any new saves into the Import folder.


You could also use AHK or (possibly) Phrase Express or any other keystroke macro process to do something similar.

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I need to keep the originals as they are used where Evernote is not used.


So I need the files accessible for two situations. One for Evernote, one without Evernote.


So the "keep" option of Evernote allows that.


Disk space is not an issue.


Belevedere is not an option as it is not from a recognised software source.


The fault is with Evernote - if it offers to "keep" files in an import folder why does it keep reimporting files in that folder it has already imported? Surely all it does is set a flag saying the file is imported?

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Not sure why the files would be re-imported - unless Evernote sees them as 'changed' in some way - showing a different time or date for Created or Updated,  they should not be imported again.  But you say these files are for use 'without Evernote' - is someone else is viewing and re-saving the files,  that might be enough to trigger the re-import.  Plus as I said above,  any edits to the external file will mean that your Evernote copy is no longer a duplicate - you may have different people working on different versions..


The answer to your immediate problem seems to be to save the file in an archive somewhere,  and copy it to the Import folder - If none of the mechanisation options are acceptable then it will have to be a manual process.


It's not a fault as such,  just that unless the saved file is identical with the imported copy,  Evernote will re-import.

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Aha...lightbulb moment...thank you....you said that the files may be changed in some way. They are backed up each night....so presumably that changes some flag or other making Evernote think they are new.


So here's my solution.


Files go into Evernote import folder which is set to Keep.


At end of day backup routines using Syncovery move the files in the Evernote import folder to another shared folder meaning it is emptied each day, so at the next log on Evernote has nothing to import.


It was your emphasis of the word "identical" that made me realise they are not precisely the same files because of the backup.



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