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Note gets replaced with an old version as I type


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I have valued Evernote a lot, for remarkable speed and good sync.

I'm using the Windows version mostly, currently at v5.8.13.8152.


The last 8 months or so I have not been impressed with the sync.

Guess I've had 10 to 15 frustration incidents, some of them too late to fix:

- I take some notes during a phone conversation or similar, then I suddenly have my cursor placed in and writing in the note as it looked 10 minutes ago.

A conflicting note is created by Evernote, but that doesn't help as the last 10 minutes of writing are gone in both! Note history doesn't cover this case either.


My Android phone is set to sync a few notebooks automatically, and I often have a second windows app running on another computer simultaneously. Windows computers sync time at time.windows.com, and the phone uses the time of my carrier. I have never seen them display different value for minute, but I have thested the phone and it is off with nearly a second most of the time. (has been no reason to investigate this tiny discepancy so far)

The Windows versions sync every 5 and 30 minutes respectively.


The really ugly part is when I quickly make a note and directly switch application etc, and don't notice the loss until later.



Once upon a time I chose to switch from OneNote to Evernote, completely because of it's hassle-free operation.

Now I feel the foundation shaking quite a bit..


Btw, even though I'm a Premium user, I have previously been getting a lot better answers from this forum than by the support.

Thanks guys :)

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Simplest thing is to be sure and sync when you enter/leave a platform.

In the first instance above where the note reverted 10 minutes, was that a note you had recently modified elsewhere? If not, that sounds like a bug, unless you hit some magical character combination. A note shouldn't just refresh itself....

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This is definitely a bug. Did not touch Evernote elsewhere. Looks like this happens from a new note, at the 2nd autosave ("restoring" the content of the first autosave).

To be safe you should probably leave the autosync at a long interval, or turn it off.

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