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Editor - Top 4 Wishlist for improvements

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I love Evernote and pay for premium, but the buggy and outdated editor is a daily annoyance. Instead of adding new features, As a note taking tool, Evernote should focus on getting the editor right before anything else.


Top 4 Wishes for Evernote editor improvements

  1. A decent and error free editor. A fair benchmark could be the MS Outlook 2010 e-mail editor (windows).
    1. Lists - Better management of numbers, bullets, indents. The list feature should be much improved.
    2. Tables - Decent table formatting (color and borders)
  2. Text Styles
  3. Template feature
  4. Above features also on mobile devices (especially iPad) + insert rule


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I agree with your 4 requests.  I personally would put them in this order:


1. Improve table creation and edits - possibly through a separate table editor dialog that allows enhanced control over look and feel of table

2. Improve template integration.  You can fake it today, but its a hassle. 

3. Defined text styles would be nice for assigning header levels and color schemes

4. Work seamlessly across all platforms, including the syncing of named styles and templates

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1) Give an option to make bulleted lists collapsible: I mainly use Evernote to organize huge amounts of facts in bulleted lists that have several levels of bulleting, and this would allow me to navigate & edit them much more quickly.

2) Allow embeddable hyperlinks to *specific locations* in another note. Some of my large notes are starting to contain cross-reference to specific other sections of other notes. Embedding just a link to the entire huge note means I then have to navigate within the note to find just that one needle-in-a-haystack fact.

3) Better scrolling left-right when editing bulleted lists? When editing bulleted lists with several levels on smaller screens, items that are more than 2-3 levels deep seem to just render off the right side of the screen entirely, making it hard to search & edit. At the same time, editing these types of lists on large screens, the higher-up bullets (1st/ 2nd level, etc.) often render off and to the left, ie if you jump to a 4th level bullet and start editing, the screen renders with the bullet fully to the left, but if you then jump to a 1st/ 2nd level bulleted item, that 1st/2nd bullet remains off the screen to the left, so you can't read the beginning. Can this be changed / fixed/ user-customized? I understand I may be asking for a pony here.

4) This is a real nitpick, but the find / replace window that pops up at the bottom of the screen will often obscure the text I'm writing/ editing at the time.

Otherwise, Good God do I love your product!

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