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safari Web clipper is making that safari use 100% cpu in certain pages




I just was wondering why safari was using 100% of the resources when it was in certain pages (like ikea.com). I was suspicious that it could be due some extension, so I decided to turn extension by extension and reload the page. It turned out that when I turn off evernote web clipper for safari the safari process for that web acted normally. 


Can you please check what is going on? 



PS/ You can se in this screen shoots about what I am talking about

with evernote web-clipper


without evernote web-clipper



Edit: I set the photos in the correct order. 

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If applicable can you post the exact URL where this can be observed, then we have better chances of finding the culprit. Also please post:

OS version

Safari version

Web Clipper version

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Not yet I'm afraid. In our testing it behaves normally on the sample pages you posted. 

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+1 Same issue here, anything at ikea.com results in uber CPU usage on my MacBook Air. Running latest everything. Ditching Evernote web clipper for the time being.

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