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Evernote install error -112 please try later

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When trying to install evernote onto galaxy gear i get the above error been like this for at least 6 months ,

Using it with note 3,

All latest updates applied 

Anyone have any idea at all

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Hi.  I'm not a user,  so this is just from one of the posts around here -


Installation problems -

Restart the watch (press the button on the side until you are prompted to restart) and your device.


If that doesn't work try reinstalling Evernote for the Gear using the Gear Manager app.

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I am also getting the same error.. restarted the Gear.. tried to install Evernote again but still getting the -112 error.. using with Note 3..

Someone please help..

Thank you..

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Can you not delete a post?  (This is my test for checking whether or not it's possible ;))


Edit:  yes you can.  Check down by the 'multiquote / quote' buttons at the bottom of your posts - there's a Delete option...

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