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Blog.evernote.com can't reply to a blog

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I  found a blog note that I wanted to correct, but am unable to reply.   I checked to see if blog.evernote.com was a premium feature -- doesn't appear in the list  of differences.   I try to sign in but it wants me to create an account, which it then tells me someone already has, finally I notice if I already have an account to click on sign-in  and then I click on Continue, instead it takes me to web version of my own Evernote files.  If try to bring up the blog post again by its url, I then run in the same circle getting nowhere.

I specifically want to correct point 3 in
5 Tips to Find Notes Faster With Evernote's Advanced Search - Evernote Blog

It is incorrect, and there is a reply correction which is correct, but does not really address the actual correction which should include if you wanted that specific date, which is what the original blogger indicated.   You would have to include another argument.

To get a date range the syntax is a bit weird since it is two search arguments a positive and a negative (not created since 20140817).  So to restrict to a single date  2014-08-16 you need to use:

created:20140816 -created:20140817

created range beginning midnight starting 20140816 through current date and time
 and  NOT created range midnight starting 20140817 through current date and time

Also besides not being able to get into the blog to reply,  the first item I see at blog.evernote.com is
"today"  and it is not today it is Aug 13, 2015,  the blog is not showing article timestamps until you actually click on the "Read More", this makes things very confusing.   Please include article timestamp on the introduction summary.    Actually that blog article Introducing the New Evernote Web Client - Evernote Blog  indicates a change to web version of Evernote.  Not sure how it looks different from before, but possibly that is why I am sent in circles instead of being able to reply to the blog.

David McRitchie

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Hi.  I'm not having any problem logging in to post a comment - https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/01/31/5-tips-find-notes-faster-evernotes-advanced-search/#comment-1882994


I'm not actually logged in to the blog as such - my name and email address are autofilled in the comment area.  I think the practice is to post an item and deal with any queries in the responses - Evernote's Knowledge Base is the full reference document and they seem to have the syntaxes correct here - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23245321

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