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(Archived) Cannot copy images out of Evernote Mac



Just that. I often paste parts of web pages (text and images) into Evernote for later reference. I can copy text out of the application and paste it elsewhere, but the images do not copy. I can copy images out of the web version of Evernote fine, but not out of the application.

What's the deal?

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Ah. I was able to do that too.

I was trying to paste into a Rich Text Document in TextEdit. I am able to copy text and images directly from the web into TexEdit, but not from the Evernote application itself. A minor bother. Try it yourself if you wish.


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I'm guessing that EN probably copies a tiny (empty) bit of text on either side of the image. This causes TextEdit, MS Word, etc. to treat it as text rather than looking for embedded images.

As a workaround I've been pasting into Pages (or Mail, I guess?), then clicking on the image and copying just that to TextEdit. Unfortunately you have to copy each image individually, so there's still no easy way to copy rich text documents from EN into word.

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