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Allow creating shortcut (favorite/bookmark) for all Notes



Allow creating shortcut/favorite/bookmark for all Notes


I am able to create shortcut for any notebook, any file, any tag by dragging it in left page. Also can do it for custom search.


But I can't create shortcut for "all note" or just "NOTES". Quite often I need to go to see all notes, I have to scroll down my whole shortcut list down to the bottom to click on "Notes" to get all notes view. 


I'd like to be able to create shortcut to "Notes" and be able to place it in order I need on left side bar.

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You can easily reset the Note List to "All Notes" by either of the following:

  1. CMD + SHIFT + A
  2. Click on the Notebook dropdown at the top of the Notes List, and click on "All Notes", which is very near the top.
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