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Running Evernote Android on your Chrome or Chromium or Canary browser on OSX, Windows or Linux - simple guide

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Here is simple language guide to run Evernote Android version on your Chrome, Chromium, Canaday browser on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. 


On Mac OSX the Evernote APL runs pretty decently, I would say better than running Evernote Windows application through Vine app on OSX..



How to install Evernote (and some other Android Apps) on Chrome browser:
1. Under extensions in Chrome, select Developer mode.
2. Install latest ARChon runtime for Crome from vladikoff. I went with the latest beta, on Chromium v46. To install you need to unzip it first and then load as unzipped folder through developer menu in extension view. 
2. Then install ARC Welder app
3. Download the Android APK from google android play store. Use any APK Download site to save APK file.
4. Start ARC Welder app (it’s installed as Chrome app as one of the apps)
5. in ARC Welder, load the APK downloaded in step 3. You can test it if it runs. When it is run, the app is not installed, it’s run virtualized / sandboxed, however it does create a shortcut to in the Chrome apps, so that needs to be removed after that (ARC Welder offers removing it).
6. When the APK is running fine, go back to ARC Welder and press download as ZIP. This will save the APK as zip file.
7. Unzip this ZIP file and and using the Extensions view in Chrome load this as unzipped chrome extension.
8. The APK is permanently installed as any chrome app and ready to use.
The apps tested that work well under ARChon:
- Evernote 
- Google Translator (actually pretty cool)
Some of the things that currently don’t work at all:
- Google Play Services (although it can be installed, that apps that requires GPS don’t run and complain GPS is not installed)
- Text to Speech (apparently any, I tried Google TTS and although it did install, none of the TTS front end app was able to run); Some of TTS apps such as Ivona (Beta) has nee file format APKX, and ARC Welder doesn’t seem to recognize it yet.



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