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How secure is note encryption?


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Can evernote store passwords, logins, financial information etc safely when using the text encryption tool?

I am thinking primarily about possible security holes. For instance when creating the encrypted document, could EN automatically save a copy of the note before it is encrypted and therefore have the unencrypted version available to restore in the note history or elsewhere on the EN servers?

Is there anything else that would stop EN being secure?

Thanks In advance

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Hi.  Encryption has been discussed a very great depth in the forums.  I'd suggest you search for that term and read up on the history.  The short version is - if it's a secret, don't put it online.

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if you make a note while offline or unconnected to the internet, encrypt the text (you cannot encrypt notes), and then turn on the internet to sync, you'll be able to avoid having a plaintext copy end up on evernote's servers. 


there is also a third-party developer offering security solutions in evernote that might meet your needs. 



personally, when it comes to passwords, i prefer a password management service of some kind. if you follow their instructions for keeping your data safe, you ought to be pretty well protected. it appears that folks who know a lot more about security than us do the same thing.



as gaz said, if you want to keep something secret, it's best not to put it online. and, i'd add that if you do put it online, encrypt it first. 

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Actually, I meant a


You can also create and encrypt your note in an off-line notebook and move it then to your on-line notebook. This way you prevent premature storage in the cloud of your unencrypted note.


To use the proper terminology, I meant a local notebook ...

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