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Reminder deleted when notes merge

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This is my first post here. So apologies for any mistakes I may make.


I had 2 notes: 1) a regular checklist 2) a reminder

I merged the two notes together and it seemed to delete the reminder that i had set.

The reminder remained active but it seems like I couldn't see any time (or probably the date and time for the reminder was cleared).


Did I do something wrong? How do I merge the two notes without disturbing the reminder? Or move the reminder from one note to another?

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It works the same for me, the combined note has a reminder without a date.  I don't know if this is by design or not.  I suppose it may be since if you merged multiple notes each with a different reminder date/time, which would you apply to the new note?  You could submit a trouble ticket if you think it should perform differently.

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