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Evernote doesn't know what a contrasting background is

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This is more of an annoyance than anything else. I love the document camera. I use it all the time. EVERY SINGLE TIME I take a picture of a receipt or any other document, it warns me that for better results I need to use a contrasting background.

Heh, give me a break. It's a white piece of paper on a BLACK background. You don't get any more contrasting than that. There are borders around the frame so the black background is a little visible--perfect, super contrast.


It does this EVERY time. Has for months. Black background. Very dark brown background. Everything.


The Evernote doc cam has no idea what a contrasting background is, would be nice to stop getting nagged about that.

(At least the snaps do come out looking fine, no probs there).

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Is the reminder popping up while you're taking the picture,  or afterward while it's being processed?  My experience is that when taking the picture I have no problem.  When I wait for the image to be processed and cropped the camera tends to wander elsewhere,  and that seems to be when the warning pops up...

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For me, I am thinking it's usually during the capture and immediately afterward--picture is captured and immediately Evernote says "hey, you'll get a lot better results on that with a contrasting background."

HOWEVER, I believe it's getting better! I think I've taken 3 or 4 recent photos that didn't do this anymore! This may be fixed...

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