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Screenshots are not being saved


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I use Evernote on the desktop to take notes during meetings and online presentations. During them I will capture screen shots (ctrl - fn - alt - print screen) on my laptop. While the notes are being taken the screen shots stay in the note, but when i return later I obtain the missing image icon and all the screen shots are missing.


I am using the evernote on the desktop -


any suggestions?

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Things you can try:

  1. After you have added the screenshot, close the Note by switching to another Note.
  2. Manually sync often, and especially when you are finished taking Notes, before you close your laptop.
  3. You can verify that all of your screenshots are properly sync'd in the EN Cloud by viewing them using the EN Web client at Evernote.com.


Thank you, I will reduce the time between syncs and also look to sync before closing. Thank you!

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