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Evernote Sticky notes application to stay always on top feature

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I'm using Evernote StickyNotes1.5.9 and need to know if two features are available or any better product which gives these two:

1) Sticky notes to have always on top facility, for which mainly I'm looking out of windows sticky notes.

2) notes to have minimization features so as it is not visible in the desktop. Urgent help is highly appreciated.



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I just found that this forum "Third Party Application Discussions" is for developers to post their applications.


I would like to suggest my own sticky notes product Notezilla over here: http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla


It allows "Always On Top" and also "Hiding" of sticky notes.


Please do try.



Gautam Jain

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Hi thanks. I think this forum is to discuss on third party application tools too, which I was using with StickyNotes. However Notezilla is good and it solvs my problems.


Thanks for the help.

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However I did find the Web and client interface of evernote is better in some cases though it seriously lacks the feature as mentioned above. :(

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