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Fuzzy text in Evernote Windows client


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Starting yesterday, all of the text in my Evernote Windows client is slightly fuzzy. This is the only application that's slightly fuzzy, but it's enough to give me a headache when reading. This is all text - from the menus, panels, my notes, everything.


This happened to me a few years ago with all Adobe pdf files on this machine. I tried not to read pdf's for about a year, and the problem went away (I did not notice when, so I can't guess what change might have fixed it).


I have Windows 10 for a few weeks now. The fuzz started yesterday, 8/20. I have version 5.8.12

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Same here. Not sure what the problem is. I have one of those high-res screens and scaling on which may have something to do with it, but the fact that it is only Evernote means to me that it's something that Evernote needs to fix.

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