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Completely Remove Evernote Clipper

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My computer at work has been having issues. Everytime it happens the technical director looks at my processes and says, "what is Evernote Clipper?" To which I respond, "I think that's the Web Clipper a Chrome extension that I already disabled and removed." Now he wants me to get rid of Evernote completely. Any ideas on why Evernote Clipper is still running and how I can get rid of it? 



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Surprised that a technical director doesn't know what the Evernote Clipper is...  :P. If he did, he might not see it as an issue. That would be my first recourse... explain to him what it is, or send him a link. Failing which...


If you don't see the Evernote icon, top right of your chrome browser, but it's still running in the background, perhaps you simply hid the icon instead of removing it. You might want to try and right click on any extension icon you've got up there, or on the toolbar itself and then choose, "Manage Extensions". That will give you a list of all extensions installed. From there you can find the Evernote Web Clipper and hit the trash can icon to remove it. 


One reason the Web clipper might be active even when you're not actively using it is maybe you have enabled the "Related results" feature, which shows related notes in your account whenever you search Google. You might want to check into that and see if maybe that's the main culprit... then uncheck that feature in the Web Clipper options menu and check with your technical director to see if you're at acceptable Web Clipper activity levels...


Good luck!

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1. I'm not surprised that he doesn't know what it is. He didn't know what Evernote is until I told him. 

2. I took a screenshot to show you that I really and truly disabled and deleted the web clipper; however, it doesn't appear that I can post it unless I host it somewhere. If you could, just trust me. I  know how to get to my extensions. It's not there. 

3. I think you might be onto something with the related results suggestion. I'm assuming that is the Context tab? I unchecked that box and hopefully that takes care of it. 


Thank You! 

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