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Feature request change drag and drop behavior for notebooks (Windows client)

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I'm just starting with Evernote and bump into the drag-and-drop behaviour of notebooks that is both counter-intuitive and counter-what-everybody-else does in tree structures (of course these are related):


Starting sitation:

- Notebook 1

- Notebook 2


Now drag Notebook 2 onto 1. Expected result:

- Notebook 1

----- Notebook 2


Instead I get some weird third notebook and have to rename eveything:


- Extra notebook 3

----- Notebook 2

----- Notebook 1


Please change this and do it like everybody else.

(Yes, I have seen the menu item 'Add to stack)'. Still.


Added: Sorry, wrong forum folder, should be in Clients/Windows. I see no way to delete or move this post.

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What you are asking for is sub-Notebooks.  This has been requested by many for many, many years, and the only thing Evernote has provided is the Stacks feature.  The general consensus seems to be that it is unlikely Evernote will provide for sub-notebooks in the near future, if ever.


To see the other threads on this, do a search above on "subnotebooks".

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