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How to recover lost notes

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Scroll down to the brief explanation under the following heading: "Restoring data from Time Machine backups".


And I anxiously await the final results. It would be great to know if it did work out for you. 


It's probably a mistake I myself could have made if I had local notebooks (not doing a manual backup of local notebooks)... but one thing is for sure, it's a hard lesson to learn, and not a mistake we're likely to repeat.


Unless you deleted your systems files (if that's even the correct terminology for Mac), I'm wondering if a fresh install will simply not return everything to the way it was before?... Have you reinstalled the desktop client yet? 

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I restore the Evernote folder under Library - Application Support from TM with an older date

Now I have two such Evernote folders , one is named Evernote (orginal) , the other Evernote

But this is not where EN reads from since I could trash them and EN information is not affected

I have not succeeded to recover any older EN version from TM.
Nor did I find the database for EN, could not see its size.

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