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Where are my notes stored?

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Dear all,

last question for today: After some research and reading a lot I still do not get this:

When I disconnect my computer from the internet my notes are still on my computer, at least when I tried. Is that correct? They are also stored in the evernote cloud, correct? Sharing my notes is fine, but I want to have the control. What I definitely need is some kind of local storage, I want to be independent of an internet connection. Beeing able to use my notes from all my devices is secondary to me.

I don't like the idea to store all my assets, thoughts and intellectual work in a "Cloud" (you know how easy clouds vanish, and how easy they get blown away and give their rain to other farmers fields).



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Hi.  Desktops store your notes locally,  mobile devices do not.  Sharing notes between devices,  Note histories,  OCR on pictures and other types of files,  in depth searching etc. all rely on Evernote having access to your notes,  hence the cloud share.  You can move your notes into a Local Notebook if you wish to create one,  which means they won't be synced.  They'll be accessible only on that device,  and you'll miss out on some functionality.

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