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Image thumbnails of notes

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Dear All,

when displaying all notes of a notebook or a search result as "cards" (I am not sure whether it is the correct english term) I would like to see an image, not a text. Especially for web-snapshots this would be very helpfull. Would be great if the thumbnails (cards) would scale. When displaying notes as "cards" or "thumbnails" it seems uncontrolable to me what happens to images in the notes, some display, others are cropped, others do not show up at all.


I  am a visual thinker:  For me it is easier to find a certain image among many images, than to find a certain headline. What I remember are images e.g. an elephant.


I am using Mac OS.


Thank you,


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Hi.  When images do show up in your notes,  is that enough to satisfy your requirement for thumbnails?  Or are you saying that even then you'd prefer to have selectable / bigger / multiple images available?

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