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Any advice on Skitch performance on Mac

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Here's the situation:

  1. I have almost 8000 "skitches"
  2. I uninstalled and reinstalled skitch (per support advice), and then skitch seems to be sync'ing up 8000 skitches
  3. The performance of skitch is almost unbearably slow when drawing arrows or writing a text annotation
  4. Performance is often 50% or more of CPU
  5. I'm on a 2015 brand new fastest, most powerful macbook available
  6. I have 3 displays: 4K at almost max scaling, 27" thunderbolt cinema at default, and retina 15" at max resolution on the laptop. 


What can we do to improve the performance of skitch? It seems unreasonable that just moving a text field can take 5 seconds.



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I had the same thing, was considering switching with 4.5k images, it was taking up 1.5GB of ram and was incredibly slow with text fields etc. I made a quick change that seems to be helping a lot. I had it Syncing in Evernote into the default Skitch notebook. I changed the name of that notebook to 'Screenshots' (or whatever), and in the Skitch > Preferences >Sync settings, changed it to save to a new notebook I called SkitchB. Not sure why that worked, but everything in Skitch is now speedier than it has been in years. Now at 125MB of ram, quickly able to edit photos, move between recent screenshots in the gallery view, and generate a share link. Oddly enough, all the old images in 'Screenshots' still showing up in the gallery view in Skitch too. Happy it works again, hope it works for you too.  

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