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How to export a stack ?

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No - the easiest way I think is to recreate the structure in the 'new' account and then share the Notebooks with the old account, copy the notes over and then kill the share.

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To recreate the structure in the new acc I would first export each notebook seperately from acc A and then import them separately to the new acc B.

So I do not understand how Metrodon would recreate the structure in the new acc.

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You don't need to export anything.


If you have this structure in Account 1


Stack A

 - Notebook a

 - Notebook b

 - Notebook c


Stack B

 - Notebook d

 - Notebook e

 - Notebook f


Just recreate the structure that you want in Account 2 - share this new structure with Account 1 then move the notes from Account 1 to Account 2.


Can't imagine it will take more than 10 minutes...

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