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it is possible to manage two accounts at the same time, on android?



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Sadly there's no mobile browser access to Evernote,  and the installed app requires you to log out of one profile and log in to another,  which erases your current account information (so make sure you sync first) then syncs and downloads the index for the second account.  Not 'easy access' by any manner of means.  You could try two devices...  :(

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Since mobile devices don't store all the notes for a given account,  a full up-to-date index has to be downloaded each time an account is opened on the device.  The problem is not that Evernote haven't written the code for this,  but that there's no way to avoid a lengthy download to prepare the next account for action.  With wifi access and a quick connection this might be feasible,  but in many locations the device won't have enough bandwidth to get the data in any reasonable length of time.  With more storage space and faster connections this might be possible in future,  but I don't see how it could be managed now.  Far easier to manage one account and share-in notebook(s) from another account to keep the admin all in one place.

PS - would the many users asking for this please upvote the idea - top left of page...

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