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How to stop Evernote from creating a "Contact" in Outlook for each note which


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I use Outlook 2013 with the Evernote plugin, on a laptop running Windows 8.1. On Outlook's "My Contacts" list, the Contacts folder is the one where all my "real" contacts are stored. But there is another folder called Evernote, which I did not create - at least not intentionally. It contains a "contact" for every note that I have in Evernote - even ones that were not created using the Outlook plugin.


This became a problem when I synced Outlook contacts to my Droid Turbo - and all these Evernote "contacts" were populated as Phone contacts. 


How do I stop Evernote from creating Contacts in Outlook? Do I disable the Evernote Outlook Contact Connector but leave the Evernote Clipper for Microsoft Outlook enabled?


Will deleting these Outlook Contacts have any impact on the notes in Evernote? I've done a few tests as a trial, and it doesn't seem to impact the notes in Evernote. But it makes me nervous to delete them all when I don't fully understand how this syncing occurred, or why. 


Thanks for any and all suggestions about how to resolve this. And if you have suggestions about preventing these Evernote contacts from syncing to my phone, that would be great too. 


I've attached 2 screenshots. I'd already moved the Evernote contacts folder to trash before I thought to do this. The Outlook Contacts screen shot shows you where the Evernote contacts folder used to be. It appeared between the Christmas Card Duplicate list and Business Contact Manager.


The second screen shot shows the Evernote folder, with each of Evernote notebooks and every single note. 



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I don't see this in my Outlook 2013. I recently upgraded to Windows 10, but don't recall seeing this prior to that either. Maybe I am not looking in the right spot. Where do you see this?

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I've added info to my initial query - 2 screenshots and explanation about where this folder appeared in Outlook desktop . 


Update: I spent quite a while on the phone yesterday with Verizon chat about how to get these 1000+ notes out of my Phone contacts list. Unfortunately, I'd already tried all of the things they suggested and the notes are still there. 


I moved the Evernote folder to Trash in Outlook, and then tried several things to try to get the unwanted notes off my phone:  

  • Deleted the Outlook account from my phone. 
  • Stopped all syncing on other email apps and apps that might sync contacts, such as Linked In and Facebook
  • Stopped syncing to backup services
  • Deleted the Data and Cache for Google Contacts app on the phone. (Unfortunately Verizon tells me that you can't do that for the Phone app where the notes appear, because it's a native app.)
  • Verified that no contacts appeared in either the Phone app or Contacts app.
  • Re-added Outlook account on the phone

And all the notes magically reappeared. I'm right back where I started from. 

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I'm using Outlook 2013 only on my Surface Pro and it sounds like the place where you having problems is on your phone which I assume is a Windows phone (although you should probably add both your operating system and the version of Windows 2013 you are using to this post).


I would suggest that you submit a bug report with both Evernote and Windows. At Evernote even if you are not premium bug reports still usually get dealt with.


I'd also suggest removing the Evernote add on and possibly Evernote from your phone, restarting and seeing what happens then. Just make sure that your notes are in the Evernote cloud and backed up before doing this. I'd then delete the Evernote contact files again, and restart again. 


I dislike how Windows has forced synchronization onto the Outlook system. In the past, I did not sync my emails, I just pulled them down to the computer and had them there. Now you are forced to synch across the system. Which brings me to the other place to do some deleting of these files: sign in online to your email account and delete them at the point as well. Do this while your phone is shut down after you've deleted them on your phone. 

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