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Is there a way to export evernote as csv

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Since this is in the Mac Forum I'll assume you are on a Mac. If your contacts are Evernote's special contacts cards, they can be exported to your Mac's Contacts application which can be synced to Google Contacts (or exported to VCards and imported into Google contacts). 



If your "Contacts" in Evernote are just regular Evernote notes with contact information, that cannot be directly exported to Contacts or any other contact-like format, and you'll have to do that manually. If each contact is in more or less the same format you could copy and past into Excel and use Excel's "Convert text to columns", make a few tweaks (because that is always an imperfect process), then export it as a CSV from Excel. 

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Thank you!

I believe the evernote cards are regular; don't see any designation or labeling as "special." The content of them are scans of business cards I made via evernote and was looking for a way to export select ones and import into google contact. 

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Thanks again. Unfortunately, when I saved to contacts. Nothing seemed to occur. I was unable to see any changes made in my apple contacts. 

That's odd... Having no problems here. Perhaps check to make sure that Evernote has access to your contacts in:

System PReferences>Privacy & Security>Privacy>Contacts


Beyond that, I'm not sure what else could be wrong. May be worth opening a support ticket. 

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