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Same buttons for desktop versions as for Phone App


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this is a suggestion. i don't know where else i should post this :X


what i like about evernote is the speed with which you can take notes. but it so happens that it's actually slower on computers than on smartphones. the smartphone app (iphone version) neatly integrates with the os and provides quick options in the slide down menu, where you can start to take notes or set reminders right away.


the convenience of this is unmatched. can you do the same on a windows pcs? for example, windows media player has shortcuts in the taskbar to play or stop a video. http://i.stack.imgur.com/Cq4CL.jpg

would it be possible to substitute those with options for taking notes and setting reminders for evernote? if not, i'd still appreciate it if the same shortcut buttons that show on the iphone would also turn up in the title bar of the evernote desktop version, so i could have the same experience on the computer as on the smartphone. i don't use the other buttons (like the activity or chat button) anyway, and if i did it would certainly not be as often as the buttons for taking new notes.


but that's just my suggestion drawn from my own experience. i really like evernote (that's why i'm using it) and i care to make it even better :)

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