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Font size for visually impaired too small



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On the Windows and Mac EN versions, you can specify larger fonts. 


You can set the default font for your Note contents, but NOT for the UI.

So the Sidebar, Note list, toolbars, etc remain fixed.  Some of these fonts are very small and have low contrast, making them very difficult to read.

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I too find the font in the UI far too small to read comfortably. I am considering switching to OneNote although I have used and loved using EN. Too bad that this issue has not received the attention required to keep up with ageing users.

Have any of you used/tried OneNote? 

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People have been complaining about this for literally years. On the Android side, they did finally start following the system font settings about a year ago, again after ignoring requests for a very long time, so I suppose they may eventually fix it, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. Meanwhile, there are many IOS note taking apps, including Onenote, which allow the user to control the font size.

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