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I have version 6.0.16 on a MAc using OS10.7.5.  Recently I noticed that if I edit text in a note, as soon as I type within a sentence the rest of the text to the right is highlighted, then deletes. This makes is virtually impossible to edit notes now! Also, if I do a hard return, I cannot reverse it with a delete key.  My laptop Evernote 6.0.8 does not do this.  Is this a known problem?

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This is a known bug for Mac OS X Lion users, and a fix is in progress.

It has been fixed in EN Mac 6.1 Beta 2.

Evernote SoftwareMarcus is asking for Lion and Mt. Lion users to update to this Beta 2 and confirm the fix, and to report any other Lion/Mt. Lion issues.

He says "This will be your last release [supporting Lion] so lets make sure that note editing is in really good shape before we call 6.1 done".

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