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Saved Search Tip -- Tag + Blank InTitle

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Saved Search Tip -- Tag + Blank InTitle


I just wanted to share a tip that I've been using for quite a while now. It works really well, and reduces the number of Saved Searches I need.


I make good use of both Tags and keywords in the Note Title.

So, for example, I have a lot of Notes tagged with "AppleScript".  To narrow down the results list, I add an intitle: Search Term like "intitle:outlook".  

So the Search box would be:

tag:applescript intitle:outlook


I could probably have at least a half-dozen more searches like that.

But I have created only one Saved Search:

tag:applescript intitle:


Notice there is nothing after the qualifier "intitle:"

Interestingly enough, this causes the search engine to ignore the "intitle:" qualifier, just as if it wasn't there.


So, when I run this Saved Search, it returns all Notes tagged with "AppleScript" regardless of the Note Title.

Once the Saved Search is in the Search Box, I can easily type at the end (after the "intitle:") to quickly add a Title search term.


So this one Saved Search takes the place of at least 6 Saved Searches done the normal way.

Searches like this that I run often, I name with a "!" prefix so it is near the top of the Saved Search list.

For example:  ! Applescript


I hope you find this helpful.


If you have found any Saved Search tips, please share them with us here.

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