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Evernote and VeraCrypt: Experiences

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I know that there are a lot of threads concerning Evernote and TrueCrypt. With this thread I want to come back to this topic by using EN with VeraCrypt, the replacement for TrueCrypt which is no longer supported.


I would like to install EN for Windows on my work computer as it has much more features than the Web Client. But I don't want to have a local copy of my database on the server of my employee. Theoratically only the admins can access it but as EN also contains a lot of private information I would like to secure my EN database.


Therefore, I've installed VeraCrypt and put the EN database into an encrypted container. I've set EN so that it doesn't start with Windows but that VeraCrypt starts and mounts the volume where the EN database is located. Then I start EN.


Do you have any concerns that this procedure may provoke a data loss? I don't think so if the volume is started before EN does but want to hear the opinion of the community.



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I have been using VC like that exactly on my private PC for about 6 months & it has worked fine. I have never had any data loss. I am extremely happy with VC & can recommend it t anyone. The procedure you describe makes a lot of sense.

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