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(Archived) importing feature is not meaningful.



hi all,

out of my clickig-experience the last 30 minutes:

If the user want to start importing, the open-file-dialog does not say anything (not, what is importable, nor what format it is looking for) useful to the user, so he is stuck and don't know where to point and what files are importable.

if the user clicks on export, then he reads that the file can be exported in ENEX or HTML format.

what format is used when importing?


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You might start by dragging-and-dropping the files on the Evernote icon in your dock. Some will import immediately... and some will require Evernote premium.

From that point, you can come back here and search for more information on the items that didn't work (or weren't formatted to your satisfaction).

Best of luck!

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Can I ask what you are looking to import?

THAT is a very good question. actually, it is THE question...

i really don't know, because i don't know, what a post-21234-13190606532_thumb.png is, which is the only information shown, after clicking on import...

so some more information about importing would be useful ;-)

i expect, importing will import the exported files, but the text shown doesnot prove this. text? which text?

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