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Evernote Mac Account Statistics via AppleScript

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Because EN Mac does not provide us with a total account count of Notes, Notebooks, and Tags, I put together this simple AppleScript do to the job.


Just copy/paste this code into your AppleScript, or Script, Editor, and save to the ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Evernote folder.  You may need to create the Applications and Evernote folders.  I named the file EN Account Statistics (Counts).scpt


When you are in the EN Mac app, you can run this script from the Scripts icon in the menu bar.





--—————————————tell application "Evernote"	--—————————————	set strAcctName to (name of current account)		set numTags to count of tags	set numNB to count of notebooks	set numNotes to count of (find notes "*")		set strMsg to "Account Name:      " & strAcctName ¬		& return & return & "Num of Notes:         " & numNotes ¬		& return & "Num of Notebooks:  " & numNB ¬		& return & "Num of Tags:           " & numTags		set strMTitle to "Evernote Mac Account Statistics"	display dialog strMsg with title strMTitle ¬		with icon caution	end tell
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As an aside, you can set show note counts in side bar in general preferences and this will show the number of notes in each notebook (the total in "Notes") and the number of notes which have each tag assigned.

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Thanks, Metrodon, for adding this for completeness for users who may not be aware of the Sidebar counts.


What the Sidebar does not report is number of NBs and number of Tags.

Also the total note count reported includes Local NBs and Joined NBs (as does my report).

I plan to update my report to break these out.

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