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What platform, version etc., is this Evernote screenshot from and some misc questions regarding usage?

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I few weeks ago I posted about the notion that the sidebar items you click on should highlight themselves.  It was stated it was a design decision as there were too many edge case scenarios where you can go either way on how you deal with it.  In 1Password, it is the same, left panel of folders, right panel of data, and they highlight, and they also have an All passwords, all logins, and smart folders where you can pre-define custom searches.  They also highlight the folders on the left, they have search as well, which immediately unhighlights the notebook or folder in 1Passwords case when you do a search.  If anyone at Evernote uses it, or even mail.app, I think there are some good queues and parallels there for how this could be done better and well.  I personally am getting lost in the app because I don't know where I am and I think I have lost notes as I am paranoid of losing notes.


One quick side note, Evernote has an entire set of sections on their site where there are plug-ins and 3rd party apps that you can hook into it, those pages are not at all front and center on the site. There is some amazing stuff in there. Zapier, my favorite is in there, and those guys rock, they are super cool.  Really stoked to see the file app that sucks down all your invoices, receipts, banking data, medical data, and puts it all in the right spot in Evernote.  But I am worried, taking a look at their blog: Organize Your Life | Tools, Tips & Tricks | FileThis Blog they are big on being on top of security, which is great, but they are also holding the keys to the most sensitive of all data, a life ruiner if it leaks out. They are encrypting as far as I know.  However, as far as I know, Evernote is not, the files are plain on their servers.  What is the suggested scenario in that case?  Local notebooks?  Until there is an export that maintains a file that can be imported and leave you with the exact same Evernote state, then I am not sure about that.  I really want to use it, I guess I can just use the save locally feature and store it in their app instead of putting the data in any cloud anywhere.  Or I can mount an S3 volume or one of the new google data storage volumes and point the app's storage there.


At any rate, in reading the blog, I saw this screen shot: 




Where is this version of EverNote from?  It has notebooks that are selected visually, what seems to me to be a nice clean layout with perhaps a better font, though that could just be my old laptop not being retina.  Even the tags are in nice bubbles with a lot of room, my tags are always getting truncated as there is not a lot of room up there.  There is no marketplace stuff, I honestly would not mind a preference panel where you show the icons of all the 3rd party tools there are for Evernote, they fill so many specific user case areas that it is amazing, and I had no idea these things existed.  I thought I had to use AppleScript, or be the first to hit the API up and make my own little tools.  Apparently there are 50+ apps out there already doing just that, talking to the API.


Even the spacing between notebooks, and the size of the font, to me, seems much more legible than what I am used to seeing.  The shortcuts area, with the rounded corners on the bevel, beautiful.  And windows has in my opinion traditionally had terrible font rendering, I think something to do with no sub pixel rendering support,   This is windows isn't it?  How in the heck did Windows get the prettier and more functional design?  Did Evernote remove the notebook highlight? Can you adjust font sizes on the PC version on the notebooks and the spacing?


One final question, if I attach a Mac sparse bundle with 128 or 256 bit encryption into Evernote, it goes up to their servers, and I download it back again, will that sparsebundle still be ok?  I have had DropBox destroy files, turning them into a folder with "bands" in it. You can sometimes fix it as long as you did not encrypt it.  DropBox did solve that, not after I lost 50GB xfering a file from one machine to the other to test LAN sync, but from BackBlaze to OneDrive to Google Drive, Amazon Drive, CrashPlan, tarnsnap, they all do not maintain a perfect copy of the files.  CrashPlan or BackBlaze, on restore, all your files will have the same mod and create date the last I looked.  OneDrive nukes even comments and tags, you have to Mac Zip or Mac tar everything up before you put it up, which no one is going to do.  Arq is the only app I am aware of that passes a backup bouncer test.  I think all apps that move data into a "cloud" and have multiple platforms and apps hitting it, must pass backup bouncer.  Macs have ACL's, file type and creator codes sill, even though those were deprecated a long time ago, and EXIF data that I have seen get nuked, they all need to pass backup bouncer.  Does anyone know how EverNote fairs in this case?  I will give it a test a little later, but there are so many cases to keeping a file intact and I don't know all of them, so i would end up using backup bouncer to test it anyway.


Before I forget, i seem to remember pressing command-N and getting a new note in Evernote, in my inbox, taken to my inbox, and could start typing my note off to the right, I think the cursor was even brought right into the new note.  At some point in the update process, command-N now pops a new window in front of the app if you are not selected on the inbox, and i can never tell if I am unless I look up at the top of the listing and see what one I am selected on.  And then, if you press command-N thinking you are in another app, but Evernote is actually the foreground app, it pops a new window, and I close it, then come back to my inbox later in the day, and I see that i must have done that a few times, as I now have 5+ empty notes in my inbox.  Is this new behavior, a bug, a regression, what is going on with that one?  Or am I remembering the behavior different than it used to be?


Thank you, I am loving Evernote, I have so few files in my system now.  Large files, they stay there, but all those "where should I put this note, this letter, should I delete this email, or save it, all those problems are gone.  I do wish there was some filtering system where you could make smart folders and also drag and drop to the app and there were rules like in mail.app, so you could do things like if incoming file is of type .eml and subject contains "foobar" and subject is does not contains x, y, z, then move it to notebook-C.  A plain text log of what the rule did would also be nice to instill a little confidence that the rule fired off, or do like gmail and show a preview of your search you can turn int a filter and "apply to all messages".


I also have a hard time with search, as I tend to just throw stuff into Evernote, and thought i could search it out later, but I must not know all the tricks, is there a tech-note somewhere that tells you what the search operators are, how to search by date, how i should be putting dates into my files, as it is now I use a command shell script that pastes in this format: "08.15.2015 — 12:35:48 AM -0700" but I have no idea if that is a searchable date, I suspect not. What is the correct date format as I don't like the limited date option in the prefs.  I wish it was just a field we could treat like the command line date and use %token to make the date string as we desire, and it would be able to search on them all.


I think it would be really beneficial and cool to have Evernote adopt webkit as their render for notes, there is a Mac and a PC version, as there are Chrome version for both Mac and PC, and they are light years ahead enough to handle whatever Evernote would need to be able to render.  I love that they use sqlite, not sure that there is that on windows.  I would also love a full breakdown on all file storage locations, I think there are about 10 different parent folders each with much stuff in them, some 0 byte files, and I am having a hard time with the clutter in the ~/Library, zero byte files I assume are to go after the filename, that sounds like a perfect job for a database, not a filesystem, but again, I don't know what they are there for.  Would be cool to know.


Thanks for any insight, seeing this screen shot got me excited.  I don't know how many of you use the beta web version of EN other than for restoring and troubleshooting, but I have officially never used it aside from setting up my preference,  It would be so awesome to see that put on hold and have a big push for parity in Mac Download, Mac App Store, and PC download versions.  Kinda pull an Apple when they release an OS that was more or less just bug fixes.


Keep up the great work though, I love this app, which is why I am on here so much, I don want to stop using it, but there are a few things that just don't feel "Mac" like to me, if that makes any sense. Thank you!

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Hi. That is the web version (soon to be retired in favor of a new version that just left its beta phase).


Security on the iPad is tough.


Security on the Mac, though, is probably best done with local folders.



Wow!, I have been impressed with the current web version, but I will be honest, that older version looks pretty nice. I never once considered clicking the :go back to non "beta" on the web as I just assumed it was going to be pretty bare bones.  That is really nice.  The new one is nice to but I think the layout of  the old one is great.  I almost can't believe that is the web version. I will have to hop over to the forum for the web beta, because after playing with it for 10 minutes, I do not like it at all.  Went back to non beta and they nailed it there.  There was almost no need for a redo, just change the css and make the fonts bigger.  So much has been taken away in the new version, no constant side panel list of your notebooks?  Same screen real estate as the desktop version, and we are stuck with truncated tags, an issue that was not there before, and seems to be added in.  Getting stuck in screens and unable to get out with the back button, oh well, I will rarely use it, assuming the Desktop app status working.  I am surprised it is beta, if they follow the definition meaning, feature complete, bug fixes only, as it lacks a lot.


At any rate, Evernote folks, if you had notebook highlighting the web, have it now on the beta, I think it should be brought to the apps.  You can't say it was a design decision because of edge cases when you have it working that way in several places right now.


Thank ya for the links, reading them right now.

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