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1st of 5 Free Emails not working

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Hi There,

I'm new to Evernote just yesterday, and new to the forum.

I'm hoping someone out there might be able to assist.

I understand that the Email to Evernote feature is now to be paid for, however you're meant to get the first 5 for free to try it out.  I have only tried to send one email to Evernote and it's saying I've used my 5 free emails and now need to pay, even though I haven't; this is my first email...I wanted to test to see how it works.  Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

The Newbie!

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That's not a good first impression if you've barely sent one email for testing purposes. Evernote would do well to look into this, since if it is a draw card to nudge people to upgrade to Plus or Premium... and if it can't be tested beforehand, there's no pudding and therefore no proof.


But what I can tell you is that if you upgrade, it will work as advertised. It emails the entire contents for an email to your Evernote account... with pretty much the results that the web clipper gives. Talking about the web clipper - if you have Gmail, you can clip your emails to Evernote via the web clipper. A far more elegant solution. It's also free. 


The other tiny learning curb is knowing what you can do with emailing to Evernote. Through the correct syntax in your email subject line, you can stipulate a notebook destination, include tags, append to the most recent note with the same title in your subject line and add reminders. The only thing the web clipper option doesn't do is append to an existing note, which I imagine is a rare use case. 

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