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My note went to plain text after pressing a key combination

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Hello, I was trying to add a checkbox to a note in windows CTRL+SHIFT+C,



I don't know what I did that I pressed something different and my note closed and when I reopened it was all in plain text without any format.


I could not use CTRL+Z to undo because of the note closing so I have to revert the note from Historial (thanks I am premium)


Ok, the thing is that I tried to reproduce my mistake because I want to know how it happened but I am unable to reproduce it.



Does anyone knows what I am talking about and could please share the combination keys that did that mess? Thanks ahead,

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If you right click anywhere in your note panel, you'll have a number of formatting options come up in a context menu. One of the 2 culprits you may be looking for are located 2nd and 3rd from the bottom: "Simplify formatting" (Ctrl+Space) and "Remove formatting" (Ctrl+Shift+Space).

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