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Going back resets vertical position.

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Just checking if this is normal behavior or a bug.


I scroll down in a note, find a link, press on a link to another note that opens that link in the actual window, press back triangle at top left next to username to go back and the note appears in the top, but in the vertical scroll bar on the right it shows the correct position, so just clicking it and moving it a little up or down it you get to the screen point you were in the viewer window.


Bug or normal behavior?






It doesn't bother me most of the time except with pictures, I explain it better:


Since there is no option to resize an image not loosing quality on a note and viewing a huge image in a note its really annoying, I do the next:


Create a note with the full image, and create a thumbnail in photoshop, I forget about the big image and put the thumb instead, link it to the big image and whenever I want to see the big image I just click on a link and then go back to keep watching images, but it becomes annoying that every time I go back, the page containing 100 images appears at the top and I have to scroll down to each one.

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Hi. A lot of people have complained about notes jumping back to the top of the page after editing,  but your issue seems to be that Evernote doesn't remember where you were in one note before jumping away to do something else.  Not sure that they can record the position you were in before each jump - it's worth a feature request (which is what you've already done here) but at the moment its the normal behaviour for Evernote.

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