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Hi all,


We released Penultimate 6.1.1 to the App Store earlier today.


This release contains some bug fixes and a couple of new features.


What's new in 6.1.1:

  • Pen stroke update - returning to the old style pen stroke for all new writing
  • Clear page option in writing mode- long-press or double-tap on the eraser tool to expose the clear page option
  • Notable bug fixes
    • Writing performance improvements
    • Note thumbnail wasn't getting updated for new pages
    • Search now opens to the correct page
    • Photos are added in the photo frame of the photos paper collection
    • Image appears in proper rotation when pasting into landscape paper
    • Zoom mode blue overlay appears properly after resizing zoom box
    • Importing files from Dropbox go into the proper notebook

Please let us know what you think.

You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store.
You can order the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market.

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Guys i applaud the effort, but i am so frustrated with how the zoom box mode works in Penultimate . In every app the box can be narrowed and moved to a certain level of the screen leaving your wrist making no marks on the screen and the box a perfect custom line for writing in zoom mode. I have no idea who put this like this but in Penultimate the box extends statically all the way to the bottom of the screen not allowing you do manipulate the bottom of the box and move it to the middle etc. The theory in not allowing that baffles as why allow the top to be extended and not collapse the bottom? Its just bizzare people want to use Penultimate but its frustrations like that , that are just bonkers because every other company has figured out Zoom not Evernote? Heres another bizarre behavior the app doesn't automatically go to the next line in zoom mode? I mean thats pretty basic stuff, you guys prior had gesture control for that now you have to touch a enter button on screen to head tot he next line stopping your writing??? In literally every other app the zoom box knows your at the end of a line and returns...NOT in Penultimate for some really odd reason. 


When auto saving to Evernote the notes in Evernote when reviewing are terrible resolution, the writing looks bad in presentation mode and a lot of the finer writing looks choppy and not smooth. I have exported pages from , Notes +, Notability, Paper by 53 all have this nice smooth look thats legible and readable. Penultimates writing just looks extremely choppy when viewed in Evernote, and i am shocked why a in-house product isn't as good as just about every other app that saves to Evernote???


Another gripe, the New Stylus is getting trashed in reviews with the iPad Air 2...why because like version 1 owners, you guys abandoned people who purchased the Jot Script with a Air 2 released a newer version that not only has the same issues but still skips marks!!!!. I used a colleagues of mines waiting to see this finally get palm rejection and not miss marks and it has the same behavior again and again as version  1. Guys honestly you need to test this thing, literally there is zero reason to buy the Script 2 if you own a Air 2 because the writing is not reliable. It constantly missing strokes and the Palm rejection still has issues creating fine marks. 



I am at a loss for this product and feel let down, its been years and Penultimate and the Jot Script seem to be truly a back burner product due to its lack of really at least being where the competition is or better...but its bizarre that its not even on par....my gosh. Products like Notes + Paper by 53 , Note Shelf have amazing usable features....Paper has Palm Rejection down to a science, Noteshelf does aswell even with a NONE BLUETOOTH stylus , Notes + has a active web browser and amazing ink display when writing phenomenal Zoom writing and exporting. Audio recording for note taking. 


But Penultimate......my gosh. What is this guys....does anyone take a look at the competition? Its feature set is similar to the Crayola app i use for my 7 year olds BT stylus..sadly that has better palm rejection and response time aswell. 


Evernote Premium User Let down for about 3 years now with Penultimate and the Jot Scripts. There was one year when you where close...since then...i don't know how is this usable to anyone. 

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I like version 6.1.1.  The prior version had introduced some very nice enhancements, but handwriting would intermittently become an ineligible scrawl.  6.1.1 seems to have fixed this, and the ink flows onto the page really nicely.


I'm a recent, and big, fan of evernote products: regularly using evernote, penultimate, scannable and the Jot Script Pixelpoint stylus on the latest iPad Air Mini.


In zoom mode, I would like to be able to see the full page in the top section, and the drift option, whilst pretty good, does need a little tweaking, as it sometimes suddenly speeds up even when the writing speed is constant.


Overall though, great product!!

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