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Using SmartSheet links to Evernote


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I'm running Evernote for Windows (7). I recently began using SmartSheet. When I attach/insert/create a link SmartSheet it to an Evernote note, which is a feature provided in SmartSheet, and then click it to open the note in Evernote, it opens Evernote for Windows locally (after an initial one-time login) and takes me to the note in question, and it seems to also open Evernote in a small browser window that just shows that one note but not in an editable format.


This is fine for me in principle. However, in using this system and editing and saving notes while using it, and changing Notebooks and such, Evernote has crashed on me at least once if not twice in the past week ("not responding") and I had to tell Windows to force it to close. I was able to re-open it and just lost the most recent things I was doing, so it seems to be okay thus far, but it's quite disconcerting to have Evernote go into "not responding" ever, let alone twice in a week. (I know I was in SmartSheet once when it happened; I don't recall about the other time.)


I can't imagine that these crashes occurred solely because of using SmartSheet and having it contain links to open notes in Evernote, but I thought I'd check here for an opinion or two. Should there be any reason that's potentially any less stable than normal use of Evernote?





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This sounds like a question/issue better put to SmartSheet support/forums.


I haven't used SmartSheet, but I have put a classic EN Note link in many other apps (like Excel), and they have always worked fine.


The problem may be that you are putting the web URL (http://) instead of the local Evernote URL (evernote://) note link into SmartSheet.

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