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GTD with EN (revised edition)

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A long time reader on the Evernote Community, time to give back : )


## Goals

  • Minimalist / Simplicity
  • Notebook & Stack Based
  • Use as little tag as possible

## Set up

  • 2 stacks
    • 00 GTD (stack)
      • 0 - inbox (one topic/task/item per note)
      • 1 - Next Actions (notebook)
        • 100 - Agenda (I've only one note for all the person, each separate by a horizontal line)
        • 101 - at Work Station (@work, list of all next action when I have full access to all the tools I need)
        • 102 - at Home
        • 103 - at Out & About (@Errand)
        • 104 - at Anywhere
        • 105 - Interesting Article (This can be in a checklist as well as in the at Anywhere but I separate it because I read at least 30 mins a day, so when I want to read I just open this note. It contain both web link & note link)
        • 106 - Waiting For
      • 2 - Project (notebook)
        • 201 - Current Project (list of all current project in one note)
        • 202 - Waiting For (I no longer use this note. Merge it with someday/maybe.
        • 203 - Someday 
        • 204 - Maybe
      • 3 - Project Reference (notebook)
        • a lot of note. One project can have as many note as required. Evernote will have some code/id match with the one in "201"
      • 4 - Checklist (notebook)
        • quite a number of note
    • 01 Reference Material (stack)
      • for this I create a number of notebook into a broad category that suite my style e.g. bill & payment, cool web (both concept, idea, design, etc.)
      • This is the only place I use tag. I have about 10 tags e.g. tool (for any note that contain info about a useful tool both digital and physical) ,etc.

## Usage

  • I look at "201" current project only a few times a day, usually when I have new project
  • Most of the time i will be in any notebook in "1 - Next Actions"
  • I open "3 - Project Reference" as required by my work
  • Currently I use only the web version of EN (Just install SSD HD with only 250 GB). I open 5 tabs, each tab are usually for 1 notebook
    • tab 1 for "0 - inbox"
    • tab 2 for "1 - next action" (when click the notebook the note will change to all action that I can do at that context)
    • tab 3 for "2 - project"
    • tab 4 for "3 - Project Reference"
    • tab 5 is not for "4 - Checklist" but for "SEARCH". This way, I always have a quick access to my inbox, next action, project and project reference material.
  • When I do the weekly review, I will spend quite sometime on "2 - Project" and "4 - Checklist"

## Current Issue

  1. When change notebook of a note, it (the list) goto that changed notebook.
  2. A little bit hard to upload file.
  3. It would be great if each notebook can sort note by different method. e.g. "0 - inbox" by date created, "1 - Next Actions" by title, "search" by date updated ,etc.

Hope this is useful.


PS. please pardon my English. English is not my native tongue.

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