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Lost 20 minutes of writing when a switching apps

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Hi.  When creating new content on a mobile,  the note(s) go into a temporary store until Evernote has a connection to the internet and can sync that content with the server.  Even though you clicked the check mark,  the save and sync process isn't immediate,  and you might not have a current network connection to allow the sync.  If you closed the app completely shortly afterward,  the note saved in temp memory might have been lost before the app could take any further action.  It's also possible that the note was saved,  but because a long note is not saved into storage on the mobile - the app relies on the copy saved on the network - you may have had to sync the app again to see the full note.  If you're in the habit of taking long notes - especially if a network connection is not necessarily available - it's worth copy/ pasting the content to another app (or creating the original note there and pasting into Evernote) where that app saves its notes locally on the mobile.  At least then you have a backup.  Alternatively,  just make sure Evernote has synced and saved the note content before you close the app.  Generally mobile devices just aren't the most reliable tools to use,  full stop.


As to the forum - it's third party software,  and subject to whims of its own...  sorry you had an issue.

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