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Microsoft Adds Evernote Add-in to Outlook

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Microsoft Adds Evernote Add-in to Outlook


Wow!  This really surprised me.  I would never have thought that Microsoft would have an official Evernote Add-in, that is in direct competition with MS OneNote.
See New Outlook partner add-ins at blogs.office.com

Earlier this year, we announced a preview of the new Outlook.com that lets you make the most of the moments that matter to you, featuring a refined inbox, new ways to collaborate, an upgraded calendar and support for partner add-ins. Today, we are pleased to announce new partnerships with Evernote, Yelp, IFTTT and Wunderlist to deliver solutions for both consumer and commercial Outlook users. Additionally, the Uber, PayPal, Evernote and Boomerang add-ins are beginning to roll out today. We’re excited about how partners are enhancing the Outlook experience through this integration.

Evernote—Sharing your work with colleagues is simple with the Evernote Outlook add-in.  

  • Start an email, use the add-in view to find the note you want, and click to send it on its way.
  • You can also clip emails from Outlook to Evernote, save them into a designated notebook
  • add tags for an extra level of organization.
  • Working effectively in and out of your inbox has never been easier.
  • Starting today, the Evernote add-in is available in Outlook 2013 and Outlook on the web for users with Office 365 mailboxes.
  • It also works with Exchange 2013 mailboxes but requires your Exchange IT admin to install the add-in. It’s coming to users of the new Outlook.com within the next month.


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Thanks for the clarification.  May I ask a few questions?

  1. What is the difference between this add-in and the OL plug-in provided with EN Win?
  2. Do you plan to offer a OL add-in for Outlook 2016 Mac?
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Hi JM,



Clipper provided with EN Win is using a fairly old extensions framework called .COM and can only talk to the native application and is thus a bit limited in what it can do. This old framework is also very brittle and requires complicated installer functions which is a royal PITA to work with.


The new framework is based on Microsoft latest API's and is more akin to how extensions work in f.a.e Chrome. There are more API's we can access and the installer functions are much more gracefully handled. F.a.e users who installs the extension on the Web will also have it on their desktop assuming user has the supported versions.


Sadly the new framework doesn't allow batch email operations.




I'll look into that, it mostly depends on the if and when the client side supports the same framework that we built the new version on. I'll post back here once I know more. 

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I was all but excited to see that outlook plug-in/add-in in the Microsoft store, to then see that it wouldn't work (at least for me). It did just clip the header of the email and nothing else. Others in the reviews in the outlook store complaint about the same issue. Hence I would like to have the discussion here.


The plugin was launched in August and it seems nothing happened since, I hope we get feature parity with the Windows outlook plugin, which would be great. Attached the screenshot from the Microsoft with the 1 and a half star rating. I don't think that should be Evernote's aspiration to have such a in-discussable
Kindest Regards, Uwe
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