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Add Note DELETE Confirmation dialogue + Undeleted Note move to any Notebook





1. Delete confirmation (must have)


OK, I don't know if it's just Mac, but I believe it's general any Evernote .. when deleting note (sending it to Trash or Trash Notebook), there is no confirmation dialogue. 


I have deleted accidentally notes. When I do notice that, I go to recover it from Trash. When I don't notice it I lose it. Because I would not go to Trash to check all notes again to see if I have deleted any by mistake.

There should be option to set Confirmation dialogue when I delete the note, not only when I permanently discard it from the Trash or empty the Trash.


2. Deleted note should be able to move to any notebook. (nice to have)


If I go to Trash and want to recover a Note, I can only "put it back" which puts it to the original Notebook. That's OK but sometimes I need to move it to different folder than the original one. It seems the menu item "Move notes" is grey out in Trash folder so I can only be recovered to original notebook. The reason it may be good to move to different notebook is because recovering the note usually means it goes back to the original notebook and then I have to search for it. I'd rather have the flexibility to move to any notebook of choice.




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I have been following the issue of needing a confirmation dialogue before notes are deleted in Evernote for a couple of years.  It is so easy to accidentally hit 'delete' without realizing it and the note would be gone . . .

Have Evernote fixed this flaw yet . . .   I can't find any documentation about it anywhere.

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