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I want to hire a evernote coach. Amsterdam?

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I don't know of an Evernote trainer in Amsterdam.

Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of users have jumped into the program the same way you have - with small steps.


My recommendation is to: 


1.) lurk around this forum for suggestions and ideas.

2.) ask questions in this forum when you want some guidance. 


tot ziens

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I am not interested in money.. But if you are sincere enough, I can spend 2 hours each for 3 non consecutive days online at my timing to help you out..

After that, i believe you should be good on your own.. I will also share an illustrated PDF file with Evernote tips for existing and advanced users for free, which I have done for other users, in this forum..

Anyone else interested, we can have a Google Video chat or something like that..

My timings are Indian time.. But I expect a certain dedication .. If you can't match these things, please don't bother..

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