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(Archived) carriage returns stripped from emailed notes



i'm typing lyrics into evernote -- multiple lines of formatted text, arranged into blocks (like paragraphs), flush left. i get them the way i want them, then email them to people, directly from evernote -- only to discover that that all carriage returns have been stripped, leaving everything mashed together in one or two, long paragraphs. (oddly, 3 or 4 carriage returns will be preserved, but the other 40 or so are always removed.)

when i copy the text, paste into mail.app, and email -- it works properly.

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(replying to my own post.)

it seems the "disappearing carriage returns" issue does not require notes to be emailed. i'm also seeing it in notes that have never been emailed. there is no exact recipe, but it seems to happen primarily in notes that contain formatted text (either different sizes of text or bold/italics/etc.).

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