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Web Clipper causes delay on Google News page


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When I visit news.google.com -- while the Web Clipper extension is enabled -- there is a delay of 10-15 seconds before I can click a link, or before I can type anything in the search box.


I'm using the most recent version of Chrome, with Windows 10 Pro (but the problem also existed on Windows 7 Pro).  


The problem disappears when I disable Web Clipper, and re-appears when I enable it.  I have ruled out any of the other extensions I use.


The problem only occurs when visiting news.google.com (which I do countless times a day).


It appears the delay is over once a row of thumbnails has appeared (see attached). 


Things I've done:

  • clear the cache
  • delete all cookies
  • uninstall and reinstall the extension

I am using a 200mbit internet connection.




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