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Ver Causes Proxy Server Lockout (?)


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Since installing this latest version at work, I have noticed that my windows account - which goes through a proxy server - gets locked out of internet access after a period of usage.


I began troubleshooting by removing Evernote and the Clipper extension from Chrome (the default browser). Everything was working fine - no disruptions to internet access. 


But after starting Evernote, after about 10-15 minutes, my account is locked out of internet access again. 


It's a most curious thing, and I've never seen this behavior before.  Thoughts/feedback/questions welcome.


Thank you.

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Don't have the source (doh!) but this was an Evernote comment some time ago... "There are no proxy settings in Evernote,  and it may cause problems if you try to connect through one."


Subsequent issues have suggested that was correct,  and possibly a little understated...  it may be that your local setup connected despite that,  but subsequent network upgrades may have eliminated whatever circumstances allowed that to happen.

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