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Table of Contents / anchors for a single note


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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to create a table of contents for a single note? I know that I can create a Table of Contents linking multiple notes together, but what I really want to do is create a single note, with bulleted anchors. Is this possible?


Thanks all


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It's a shame you're not on a Mac.  

Here is a 3rd party app that provides TOC and a lot more for EN Mac:

See [OSX] EVND - Atom Editor Plugin for Evernote.


Note that the shared Evernote Note (link at bottom) is a help document that demos use of the TOC in an EN Note.


The package:  EVND (Ever Notedown)


So this is a plugin for Atom Editor by Github that acts like an alternate editor for the Evernote Mac Client. Basically it extends Atom's Markdown editing capacities with features like LaTeX/MathJax equation editing, TOC, footnotes, image insertion via pasting, etc. And it communicates with the Evernote Mac Client via AppleScript so it can do things like creating/updating notes (as rendered HTML), import notes from Evernote and convert to Markdown formats, etc.

  • Functioning TOC (table of contents) and footnotesClickable links even in Evernote client!


Since it uses AppleScript, so obviously it's OSX only. But as Evernote has similar scriptibility for OSX and Windows, so it should be very easy to extend it to support Windows, if there are developers out there interested in doing so.
Please read this shared Evernote note for more info (it's best viewed in the Evernote Mac Client, you can use "Save to Evernote").



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