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Text selection in Search field ineditable

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As per request by @EvernoteHelps on Twitter, I was asked to post this here.



When trying to select text in the EN search field, the text gets covered by a label that says 'Text selection'.

This prevents you from reading what you've selected and sensibly editing your query.



  • type text in the search field
  • then select it (to edit the query)


  • all text gets covered with a green X and a label that says 'Text selection'


  • This prevents the user from seeing what is selected and in fact editing the query





  • See the selected text
  • Be able to read, and edit as wanted


EN app version:

Android version: 4.4.2

Phone model: Wiko Jimmy (Tinno Mobile)



  • Unsure if this is an EN or an Android issue.
  • Other apps do handle text selection as expected
  • Note how the 'Text selection' label is green, not a system UI color.
  • This persists after close, reboot etc.
  • This isn't critical for general usage.
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Hi. Looks like no-one has any informed input on this - did you get a resolution anywhere?  I don't get the 'Text Selection' label,  though I'm on different EN and Android versions - have you upgraded since this post?

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Am now on EN-Android 7.1.4 but the problem persists, albeit with a slight difference: the label 'Text selection' has disappeared but the selection is still greyed out.

No Android update as far as I can tell.


Note that I rarely run into the issue in my EN-A usage.

Search in itself is fully functional and I backspace for typing errors instead of selecting query text.


Would qualify this as glitch rather than bug.

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